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Hey, this is Shawn's ( wiki.


RepRap Pages

Notes on making our Prusa air 2

Catia Information

Reprap has notes on stuff I've added to the wiki

More Reprap Notes

Useful Pages

Useful Software

The Xoops site doesn't do anything but maybe I'll get around to puting something in there one day.

Misc Info

good country radio station => KXBL 99.5 Big Country Tulsa OK cool jazz radio station => WMWV Cleveland, OH

Autotools Notes

Car guys according to Bob Lutz

Hugh Howard paddled up the Huron River, portaged near Hell, MI over to the Grand river to get to Lake Michigan

Useful win2k3 server cmds:

  • appwiz.cpl - brings up add/remove programs

ford tempo is 177.0 in long

Flourescent desktop lamp - ballast markings:

CAT. 17150 118V. 3AMP 60CY.
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